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Intuitive Coaching by Veronica Durango

  • 1 hour
  • 90 euros
  • Finca Hotel Son Boronat

Service Description

When working with an intuitive coach, you can anticipate addressing the underlying issues that have impeded your progress and hindered your pursuit of the life you aspire to lead. Although the process of confronting these challenges might be discomforting, it often proves indispensable for your journey towards healing and growth. Taking stock of your circumstances, recognizing your strengths and vulnerabilities, marks the initial stride toward achieving completeness. This introspection yields invaluable direction as you venture toward embracing an authentic and mindful existence. In my role as an intuitive coach, my approach revolves around deciphering the energies you emanate, working in tandem to unravel your predicaments and barriers. This process heavily relies on intuition to discern and understand the obstructions along your path. Moreover, drawing from awareness, experience, and knowledge, I assist you in uprooting the origins of your fears, hindrances, and sorrow. This process lays the groundwork for introducing fresh habits, perspectives, and convictions that align with your desired life. Through acknowledging, assuming responsibility for, and mending these issues, while recalibrating your consciousness, you unfurl the prospect of inviting love and a plenitude of life's opportunities. My approach delves much deeper into the client's psyche compared to conventional coaching methods. Offering healing and empathetic comprehension opens up a multitude of possibilities— akin an opening of infinite array of doors. Often, those seeking my guidance feel ensnared in one or more facets of life. They frequently encounter difficulty discerning clarity due to being enmeshed within their circumstances. This phenomenon extends across domains such as relationships, personal growth, career trajectories, financial prospects, entrepreneurship, trauma, and more. The distinct advantage of having a coach lies in their ability to shed light on blind spots we overlook. A coach offers a fresh perspective, transcending conventional boundaries. Establishing a foundation of trust and confidence in your chosen coach proves paramount. This hinges on their robust expertise and personal experiences within the specific realms. Veronica Durango have dedicated nearly a quarter-century to various aspects of personal and spiritual development. She is a motivational speaker, coach, course leader, lecturer, and soul pathfinder.

Contact Details

  • Camí de Son Boronat, 33, Calvià, Spain


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