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Sensing Yoga by Petra Lind

The movement will be gentle, soft, and attuned to the body's inherent state.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 18 euros
  • Finca Hotel Son Boronat

Service Description

Sensing Yoga embodies a profound inner and outer love. Yet, it's not a new concept; rather, it's a manifestation of our inherent natural movements. These movements reside within each of us and echo the gentle rhythms observed in animals, young children, and indigenous communities—both in their motion and repose. This style of yoga is characterized by its tender and instinctual motions, which revolve around maximizing internal body movement. The goal is to regulate the nervous system towards serenity and relaxation, steering away from the clutches of stress. Central to this practice is the activation and elevation of our Vagus nerve, a pivotal component of the parasympathetic nervous system. This nerve serves as an information conduit, relaying internal organ messages to the brain. Furthermore, these motions serve to invigorate and hydrate the fascia, restoring its suppleness and flexibility. Consequently, the release of toxins, reduction of inflammation, and alleviation of pain and stiffness become possible. Incorporating pandiculation—expansive stretches akin to a yawn—mirroring the natural actions of animals and young children performing them up to 40 times daily, holds significance. This deliberate cooperation between the brain and the nervous system enables the dissipation of muscle tension. In the pursuit of moving our bodies attuned to their unique needs, a profound transformation unfurls. What transformations can unfold upon embarking on the Sensing Yoga journey? ✨A sense of tranquility and inner peace gradually pervades your being. ✨Enhanced sleep quality might become a welcome outcome. ✨Your body's inclination towards more organic movement might arise. ✨Occasionally, a sensation akin to having a fever may emerge. This is attributed to the liberation of stored toxins from the connective tissues within our system. ✨Past injury pains could resurface momentarily, only to gradually dissipate as the harmonious equilibrium between the connective tissue and nervous system is restored.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Camí de Son Boronat, 33, Calvià, Spain


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