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SPRING SPARKLE 30/4 - 4/5, 2025


April 30 - May 4, 2025


Camilla Martinez Mares & Alexandra Born



Warmly welcome to join a wonderful four-day journey infused with both flowing and restorative yoga practice, accompanied by enjoyable and transformative breathwork, with Alexandra Born and Camilla Martinez Mares.
Reconnect with your inner self, replenish with inspiration, and enlight your spring sparkle in togetherness with delicious food and breathtaking nature.

For more information about Alexandra, visit
For more information about Camilla, visit


​​Accommodation for 4 nights
All yoga and breathwork practice (3-4 sessions per day) led by Alexandra and Camilla
Optional hike in the surrounding mountains
Delicious and nourishing breakfast, lunch and dinner

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