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Själs Kärlek, jewelry with a meaning, was established in 2012 and came through as a frequency of absolute love. Each jewelry is made with an intention to inspire and remind us of our purpose and the truth. Our mission is to contribute to the world with healing, light and love through jewelry with crystals, ancient symbols and inscriptions.

Our jewelry are handmade by skilled artisans using the highest quality materials such as sterling silver and gold. Each gemstone is carefully handpicked by us during our travels to the most beautiful places on Earth. We have a deep respect and connection to mother Gaia, and the gifts she provide us, in the form of healing crystals and precious gemstones.

Själs Kärlek later gave us Soul Stories and Custom:aid Creation. In addition to our jewelry, shop crystals and kits, organic essential soul mists, yoga apparel, incense and more.


Visit our new store located at Son Boronat or shop online at

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